Don't Be Evil-ish?

Where do you draw the line on ethics? How do you take a stand when you want to keep your job? This week, we discuss ethical behavior and the responsibility people have regarding it.

  • At a company, ethical behavior starts at the top
  • Being ethical at the beginning of a firm is easy compared to the grey areas that show up as features and marketplace opportunities evolve
  • External partners with different ethics can put pressure on a firm that is trying to be ethical in its own actions
  • There's no solid lines for determining ethical behavior. The law can't handle it all.
  • Google's Don't Be Evil slogan did us all a disservice by taking a vague stand.
  • Doing harm and being evil are not necessarily the same thing.
  • Often the problem is that company leaders determine what's ethical based solely on how they feel about things. They leave empathy out of the determination.
  • When you join a firm that has a "trial period" it's also your opportunity to research the ethics of the firm and find out if you want to work there long term

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